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From the Editors

Maoan Han and Junling Ma

Dear Readers, Authors and Friends,

The publishers, Zhejiang Normal University, China, and Pacific Edilite Academic Inc, Canada, and the editorial board, are very proud to announce the inauguration of the Journal of Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis.

Mathematical modeling is a thriving field of research, with applications to engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, earth science and geography, biology, medicine, public health, economics, management sciences, and many others. In fact, the list to too long to enumerate here. The research on modeling relies on, and drives the research of, almost all fields of mathematics and statistics, such as nonlinear analysis, differential equations and dynamical systems, optimization, operation research, probability theory, graph theory, combinatory, topology, experimental design, data analysis, parameter estimation, and many others. As we know, models widely used in different applications may resemble striking similarities, and can be studied with similar theories and methods.

There have been numerous journals on mathematical modeling and analysis, ranging from very theoretical to very applied aspects. However, there is a strong need for an easy-to-access journal for modelers and mathematicians to present their new models, powerful methods, and innovative analysis, so that researchers from different fields in both pure and applied mathematics can inspire and learn from each other. This journal aims to provide such a platform.

The editorial board welcome quality contributions in original research, reviews, and communications. We invite the readers, authors, and reviewers to work closely with the editors, to help us fulfill our vision.


Maoan Han and Junling Ma, Editors in Chief

On behalf of the editorial board

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